kidsCROSSINGS Volunteer Positions & Descriptions

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Our kids at McKnight Crossings Church of Christ are learning about God’s love and growing in their faith, and you can be a part of their journey with KidsCROSSINGS! Children are the future, and what better time to get involved and make a difference than right now!? We need you! Please read below and prayerfully consider how and where you might serve.

Whether you love the wide-eyed curiosity of a 2 year old, the super inquisitive nature of a Kindergartner or the special moment when a 5th grader really begins to understand God’s love for them...there’s a spot for you! Whether you’re super outgoing and like engaging kids in fun, silly ways or prefer to take a more laid back approach...there’s a spot for you! Please read through these descriptions and find a place where you fit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! There will be an area to sign up in the lobby, or you can contact Jeremy Picker or Allison Lee.


Say yes. Do it today. You won’t regret it!  Thank you!!! The blessings will flow both ways.





Sunday Morning Volunteers | kidsCROSSINGS

2 year old class helper

Time commitment: 10:45-11:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

Love on sweet and curious 2 year olds who are just beginning to learn about the world around them and how much God loves them! Help the main teacher keep them engaged during lesson and assist with crafts when needed. No planning or preparation required! Your main job is to explore and play with them!


3 & 4 year old class helper (during worship)

Time commitment: 9:25-11:00 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1-2

Love on super bright, funny and engaging 3 and 4 year olds! They have a zest for life and want to know ALL about it and they love learning about God and the Bible! Be a part of their life story by being present and helping their faith journey grow! The class (worship) helper assists the teacher with crafts, games, activities and making worship a fun and meaningful time for these little people! No planning or preparation required! Just be there ready to laugh, love and have fun!


3 & 4 year old class helper (during class time)

Time commitment: 10:45-11:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

Basically the same as above, only during class time.


3 & 4 year old Chapel Leader

Time commitment: 9:35-10:00

Number needed per Sunday: 1-2 (could be a great ministry for husband & wife or a pair to do together!) (cont. on back)

Chapel time for the 3 & 4 year olds (in the big room on the 2nd floor) is where they hear their Bible story for the day. We sing a few fun songs, and then you convey the day’s Bible story in a fun, engaging way that will catch their attention and help them to connect to the story. It can be through a puppet show, a skit or just retelling the story in an animated way that 3 & 4 year olds will relate to. We have materials and ideas for this, but we would absolutely love for you to get creative! They study a new story each week, but throughout the month will be focusing on the same bottom line, (i.e., God can help me, etc.)

Signing up to be the Chapel Leader for a month at a time would be ideal! That way you get to know the kids by name, get creative with the stories, and really help the Bible come to life for these precious kiddos.


5 year old-1st grade class helper

Time commitment: 10:45-11:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

In class, the 5 year olds through 1st graders play games, and do fun activities to reinforce the lesson they’ve learned that morning in Kid’s Worship and talk about how to apply it in their life. Come to the 2nd floor and help the teacher keep kids on task and engaged in their activities while also showing them God’s love! These kids are fun, funny and energetic and they are discovering how much God loves them.


2nd & 3rd grade class helper

Time commitment: 10:45-11:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

This great bunch of 2nd and 3rd graders are beginning to dive a little further into the life application of the stories they’re learning each week. While they hear the overall lesson during Kid’s Worship, class time is where they really figure out what these lessons mean for them personally. Assist the teacher with keeping kids on task while they discuss the day’s lesson and do relatable activities and games.


4th & 5th grade class helper

Time commitment: 10:45-11:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

4th and 5th graders are a lot of fun! Like the 2nd and 3rd graders, they are starting to really apply the lessons they’re learning to their lives, and are able to discuss a little more how these things impact them at school, at home and in the community and how they can share those things with others. Assist the teacher with any class activities and classroom management.


Kids’ Worship Buddy

Time commitment: 10:15-10:45 (no prep required!)

Number needed per Sunday: 3-4 (great way for a husband and wife to serve together! Or several members of a small group!)

Come up to the 4th floor when the 5 year old through 5th graders are dismissed from the main service and worship for a while kid-style! We sing fun songs, talk about kid-sized issues and how these awesome young Christ-followers can apply the things they're learning about from the Bible to their everyday lives at school, at home and in their communities! Sit with them, get to know them, and you might even learn a thing or two from them as well! ALL ages welcome and needed! It's so important for these little people to get to know all of their family in Christ, not just the parents of other kiddos! We want to nurture and grow these important foundational relationships in our church family! No prep required, just your presence!


Kids’ Worship Assistant

Time commitment: 9:00-9:15 (prep); 10:15-10:45 (children’s worship)

Number needed per Sunday: 1

You’ll laugh, they’ll laugh...everyone will have a great time! Come be a part of bringing our lesson to life for our 5 year olds through 5th graders with a short skit.  Kid’s love skits, and this is a great way to get the day’s lesson across to them. It usually involves a problem that is solved by the end of our worship time in a humorous way.  Short scripts are provided.  The 9:00-9:15 time is just to run through the skit so we are prepared.