At McKnight Crossings, we want your children to have a worship time that suits their specific styles of learning and processing.

For our 5 year olds through 5th grade, we offer a time for worship followed by small group time. The worship time is where we sing, laugh, and learn together as a large group.  The small group time is where we use different ways to reinforce a main point from the day, and make life applications from the Bible story.


Children's Worship Schedule (under 5 years)

Nursery (6 mos. - 23mos.):  Meeting on the first level in room 111 from 9:30-11:45.
2 Year olds:  Meeting on the first level in room 110 from 9:30-11:45.
3-4 year olds: Meeting on 2nd level from 9:30-11:45.


Children's Worship Schedule (5 Yrs-5th Grade)
kidsCROSSINGS Worship:
At 10:15, children will be dismissed to the 4th floor for worship and a lesson.  

**Small group classes will follow (10:55-11:45).  Here, we make life aplications from the Bible lesson they learned during kidsCROSSINGS worship.